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There are four basic elements in astrology: fire, earth, air and water. Each zodiac sign corresponds with one of these four elements. The twelve zodiac signs can therefore be broken up into groupings of three; where each group of three corresponds to one common element. The elements can provide us with insight into the basic nature of each sign. While each of the twelve basic signs are unique and different in their own ways; the elements can also help us to see and understand the similarities between various signs.

Astrology Water Signs and Correspondences

The three astrology air signs are:

  • Cancer (June 21 to July 22)
  • Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)
  • Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Qualities: Cold, soft and wet

Season: Winter

Tarot: Swords

Color: Blue and Green

The Element of Water

Water is a primal element. Heavy and flowing, it is the source of life, it is life. Practically all living things in the world are physically made up of water. Up to 60% of the human body is water. It is from the depths of water that life first emerged, where the first organisms began to move; and from where our ancestors walked onto land. The lack of water equals the absence of life. Even in the deserts of the world; the few living things that survive are the ones that can seek out moisture or store water within their bodies. Everything else perishes.There is a certain quiet but constant power to the element of water. It can erode land, put out fires; and it can grow heavy on air until it falls to the earth in the form of precipitation or rain.

Do You Have Traits of Water Signs?

Water is nourishing. But more than that, water is, for us, a necessity. We need to replenish the water in our bodies that we lose when we perspire or urinate; or else we risk dehydration and death. Water can grow hot and scorching; or it can turn cool, chill, and at the extremes of temperature can freeze and turn, albeit temporarily, solid. But it is still water. At its most destructive, it can wash away everything in its path, and nothing can survive. There is a reason why water was the purifying element in the old Bible story of the Great Flood. Nothing is as difficult to survive than the sheer power and fury of water being brought to bear. And yet once it has finished in its path of destruction; it turns to calm and washes away all evidence of its destruction.

Water is deep and mysterious. In mankind’s quest to conquer other worlds; he has succeeded in walking to the moon and even sent out missions far out into space. But man has yet to probe the depths of the deepest oceans. Miles below sea level, where even the light of the sun cannot penetrate; we have no idea what it’s like down there, or what living things exist at the bottom of the ocean. It’s entirely possible that ancient creatures that men have not laid eyes on for thousands of years are just down there; thriving in their own world beneath the waters. And yet when men turn their eyes into space; their search for signs of life turns on whether or not traces of water can also be found on other worlds.

What makes astrology water signs unique?

The astrology water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the three water signs of the zodiac. Where fire signs are all about passion, earth signs all about sensibility and practicality; and air signs are the intellectuals, the water signs are the signs that govern emotions.

The astrology water signs are kind, empathetic, and nurturing. They are compassionate, sensitive and caring. They value loyalty and are very introspective and intuitive. You might oftentimes see them deep in thought, pondering matters that they will never divulge. There is a depth to the water signs, and an air of mystery that is enchanting as it is frightening. There will always be a side to the water signs that they will never reveal to anyone. And yet it seems like they have this unique perception that allows them to see into other people. They are very intuitive, almost psychic, in that way.

They are very artistic and imaginative. The water sign in them naturally leads them to create, whether it is art or music. They like to be of service to other people and will show compassion; and genuine care when others need it the most. Water signs trust their gut because they know that that little voice inside them has a wisdom that others don’t often pay heed to. They can be romantic with their partners. Water signs are generous and kind and elegant and charming. They tend to make lifelong friends and are caring and protective of their families and inner circle. Sometimes, they can be very intense and will not abide betrayal of loyalties easily. Balance is important for the water signs; else they find themselves brooding too much and get carried away by their emotions.

Balancing Water

Water, like most other elements, need to find a sense of balance. Too much of an element is not a good thing. Many water signs are, in fact; prone to falling into depression because they internalize so much of what they feel and sense. Water signs need to find a semblance of balance in their day-to-day lives; and they can do this by tapping into the other elements inside them, particularly grounding earth.

Tapping into earth is one of the better ways to get a water sign out of their brooding emotional state. Simple things such as doing housework, running errands; or going for a run will help immerse them in the physical reality of the world and helps to keep them grounded. It is when a water sign finds their balance that they can become truly formidable individuals. They have a hand in almost all the other elements: they lend real emotion to passionate fire; depth and imagination to intellectual air; and life and grace to indomitable earth. A water sign who is able to find his or her internal equilibrium is a force to be reckoned with and can overcome pretty much any challenge he; or she sets out to conquer.

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