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There are four basic elements in astrology: fire, earth, air and water. Each zodiac sign corresponds with one of these four elements. The twelve zodiac signs can therefore be broken up into groupings of three; where each group of three corresponds to one common element. The elements can provide us with insight into the basic nature of each sign. While each of the twelve basic signs are unique and different in their own ways; the elements can also help us to see and understand the similarities between various signs.

Astrology Earth Signs and Correspondences

The three astrology earth signs are:

  • Taurus (April 20 to May 20)
  • Virgo (August 23 to September 22)
  • Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

Qualities: Cold, Dry and Heavy

Season: Autumn

Tarot: Pentacles

Color: Earth colors like green, brown, yellow

The Element of Earth

Earth is solid, tangible and real. Earth is perhaps the only one of the four elements that we can physically hold; and contain in our hands without any external aid. The earth element is the ground we stand on, the foundation on which we build. It gives us stability and balance; it is what we see and touch and taste.

Earth is firm, fixed and stable. It is heavy. While it can yield and shift and move in response to our efforts and the exertion of force, it will not do so easily. You can scale high mountains, till the soil to make it fertile for planting; or you can unearth untold treasures from beneath the earth. But each time earth will require hard, physical work from you. It is uncompromising and will yield only to those who devote the work needed to become acquainted with the secrets it holds.

Earth keeps its secrets close. But we do know that there is richness and wealth for those willing to devote the time to uncover them. Whether it is sowing seeds and reaping the fruits from the plants; and trees that grow from it; or digging deep for the precious gems and minerals beneath the earth, earth rewards the plodders who show up day after day; and put in the steady, constant work that is required.

Earth is cold and mysterious. There is darkness underneath the earth, the one element that sunlight cannot penetrate. It represents, to us mortals, the ultimate reality for all living things: death, our final resting place. And yet within that darkness also lies the mysteries of life, growth, and transformation. You may think that earth is basic in that it is just dirt and rock and dust and sediment. But earth extends far beyond the mere surface on which we stand; deep, deep down to depths we will likely never fully comprehend.

What makes astrology earth signs unique?

The astrology earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have a basic nature that is like earth. They are solid, dependable and reliable people. Earth signs are the hard workers of the zodiac; the ones who will put in the steady investment of work needed to bring a goal to fruition. They place a high value on security and are driven to work hard to make sure that they have always have something saved up for a rainy day. The truly dedicated earth signs tend to accumulate wealth, and for them, there is no real secret to it. All you need is to work hard, save up, spend little; and your earnings will grow as surely as you put one foot in front of the other.

And just like earth, they place great value on reality. They like what they can see and touch, and rarely spend much time on the intangibles. They are a practical and realistic sign, always careful, cautious and prudent. You’ll be hard put to see an earth sign move quickly unless they’ve thought things through, planned carefully; and waited to see and observe. These aren’t the folks for one-night stands or quick flings. They value long-term relationships, and long-term means that they will not rush a romance, either. They won’t get carried away by quick passion or flights of fancy. If they find someone they like, they will dedicate time to getting to know that person; learning more about them; and seeing how they click with each other before they can even contemplate tying the knot for a lifetime commitment.

Earthly Traits

On the plus side, they are loyal, dependable, and reliable. Once they commit, they will be faithful. They will build a home and a family; and will work hard to make sure the family will want for nothing. Maybe they’re not quite as exciting as some of the other signs; but their solid dependability and no-nonsense approach carries its own charm. They don’t play games, they make an investment, whether in business or in people. If they’ve invested in you, it means that they can see a future with you; and you can rest secure in the reality; that your special earth person will put in whatever effort is required to make sure that that home and family gets built, and built right.

If you think that that means that romance is off the table, think again. We said that the astrological earth signs value reality, what they can see and touch. That goes for all the other physical senses as well; and they like to satisfy those senses with the best that the world can offer. Fine foods, good music, fragrant scents, luxurious items that are a delight to the touch. These earth signs are very passionate, too, in that sense. They will extract every ounce of pleasure that they can from any situation, and that includes intimate moments with their chosen partners. If you have a date with an earth sign, be prepared for a very romantic and memorable night.

Balancing Earth

Earth signs don’t like change. They revel in long waits, certainty and security, and solid reality. Of course, so much earthy practicality can and does sometimes mean; that earth signs don’t like to explore much beyond what they can see and touch and hold; and such a hard grip on reality effectively shuts them off from some of the intangibles in life.

Imagination, fancy, creativity, innovation. These are things that astrological earth signs might find a bit hard to come by. And because they like routines and efficiency and habits; they can sometimes miss out on the excitement of occasionally doing things on a whim and impulsive adventures. If you are an earth sign, you might find some balance by occasionally shaking things up; and traveling the roads less traveled for no better reason than to explore the new and the unknown. Your routines will always be there when you get back.

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