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What is directional symbolism? The instruction in which a pentagram is dealing with has a bearing on it significance if the fifth point on the pentagram represents; the spiritual element of development.  What is directional symbolism? Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and others continued the appeal of the pentagram as a magic sign; connecting the five neoplatonic components to the five points, in typical Renaissance fashion. In this article, you’ll learn what is directional symbolism?

Pentagram Position

What is directional symbolism? By the mid-19th century a further distinction had developed among occultists relating to the pentagrams positioning. With a single factor upwards it shown spirit administering over the 4 elements of matter; as well as was basically “good”. The influential author Eliphas Levi called it bad whenever the icon showed up the various other means up.

Reversed Pentagram

A reversed pentagram, with 2 factors projecting upwards, is an icon of wicked as well as brings in scary forces since it rescinds the correct order of things and demonstrates the accomplishment of issue over spirit. It is the goat of lust attacking the paradises with its horns, an indicator execrated by initiates.”

Flaming Star

The flaming star, which, when shaken up; is the hierolgyphic indicator of the goat of Wizardry, whose head might be drawn in the star, both horns on top, the ears to the right as well as left, the beard near the bottom. It is the indication of enmity and also fatality. It is the goat of lust attacking the paradises with its horns.

What is directional symbolism? Let us keep the number of the Five-pointed star always upright, with the topmost triangular pointing to heaven, for it is the seat of wisdom, and also if the number is turned around; perversion and wickedness will be the result.”

Obviously Wicca does not so easily identify points right into “excellent” and “wicked,” however “physical” and “spiritual” do have a bearing. Usually Wiccans and also witches make use of the upright pentacle for all the factors specified above; as well as it’s also utilized combined with the Triangular of Manifestation as the sign of the Wiccan Third Degree; which (freely) signifies that the High Priest/ess is in consistency with Spirit, Matter, and also his/her True Will.

Inverted Pentagram

What is directional symbolism? The inverted pentagram or pentacle; standing for Spirit descending right into issue, is used in lots of methods modern-day occultism also. It is the symbol of modern-day Satanism; not actually as a perversion of the pentagram, as is commonly believed; yet more to represent that Issue is a lot more essential than Spirit. Aleister Crowley took advantage of the upside down pentagram for this purpose in Thelema. And also we additionally use it as the sign of the Second Degree of initiation; which signifies that this is the degree at which a Wiccan Priest/ess finds out to materialize the spiritual in the material world; and also that the 2nd Level initiate is needed to concentrate upon taking care of personal, worldly problems, or “feces coagulation.”

When the pentagram is drawn to make sure that it seems rolling; as depicted left wing, it symbolizes time as well as all-natural cycles, with neither Issue neither Spirit predominating.

Symbol of the Horned God

The association with the Horned God of Wicca in the inverted pentagram is mostly because of tradition; stemming from the Goat in the Celebrity from La Clef de la Magie Noire (The Key of Wizardry,) a significant grimoire with a powerful influence on the modern occult motion. This was believed to be a secret symbol of the Templars in their (declared) secret worship of Baphomet. Think about the importance of Spirit coming down right into Issue, and the assimilation of Macrocosm and also Microcosm. I believe this is a perfect description of what the Horned God of Wicca stands for; a God that is birthed into the globe to live, pass away, as well as be reborn once again, equally as we are.


What is directional symbolism? Pentacles and also pentagrams are likewise used as safety icons in magick. They delineate the obstacles of a magick circle; and also are frequently utilized to bind and mobilize, in addition to invoke particular spiritual energies. The magickal concept behind this is that you are asking every one of the energies of the gods and also deep space to pool their resources to aid you, as well as usually you are intending those powers in a details instructions in order to achieve this function.


The meaning of the pentagram alone is an important part of the overall meaning of the pentacle; there is additionally unique symbolism surrounding the integrated circle and also celebrity.

Symbol of the Goddess

Because Venus’ orbit is virtually flawlessly circular; as well as because Earth orbits the sunlight at a rate of every 1.6 Venetian years Venus attracts a fascinating Spirograph pattern overhead. Due to the fact that this proportion is extremely near the Golden Ratio, from our viewpoint; it traces a pentacle in the Heavens every eight years. This pattern is referred to as the Pentagram of Venus. It’s likewise referred to as the Rose of Venus.

Venus is the early morning and also evening celebrity, so we’ve recognized it, and also its one-of-a-kind holy pattern; for a lengthy time. Some societies believed it was 2 separate objects; others, such as the Babylonians, understood better; and also they were the ones that initially provided the planet the name of their siren of love as well as sex; in that situation, Ishtar.


What is directional symbolism? The Greeks didn’t understand this, nevertheless, until Pythagoras. Meanwhile they called the morning star Eospheros “Bringer of Dawn” or Phosphoros “Bringer of Light;” and the night star Hesperos “Celebrity of the Night”; which the Romans translated as Lucifer and also Vesper. The first Roman term is currently far better understood as a poetic name for the Christian Foe; which is one more Horned God connection. And also it is most likely one of the ways in which occultists came to associate the Horned God as being straight attached to the Siren.

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