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What kind of witch are you? When it come to defining witchcraft, there are differences. These originated from the qualifications of this Craft: is it wicked or good? is it evil or noble? is it sinful or moral? Well, that’s for you to determine. What kind of witch are you? As you get a lot more knowledge of your Craft, you may find that witchcraft, per se, can’t be defined by such words. Instead, these adjectives explain the method you utilize it as well as the choices you make. You define your craft on your own. What kind of witch are you?  In this article, you’ll learn if witchcraft making use of magic and also sorcery.

Questions to Ponder

What kind of witch are you? You may be wonder exactly how you would certainly know if you are, actually, a witch? Frequently, this concern is a mask for an additional question “Am I a witch? Am I magic?” And also usually, there is a darkness of shame concealed in the concern. As well as this pity is due to the patriarchy.

The patriarchy is the masculine social rule that has actually pervaded the world for over 5 thousand years. This is very important. This is not concerning ridicule for male-identifying human beings, it’s not concerning sex. The patriarchy is the misuse of masculine energy which has brutalized, raped, as well as suppressed the feminine.

Witch Hunts

What kind of witch are you? The witch-hunts of Salem as well as specifically in Europe worked up a hysterical mob way of thinking versus women and also, a lot more significantly the feminine.

What kind of witch are you? Natural therapists, as well as any individual that was outside the standards of the societal status that possessed land or that declined to satisfy the Patriarchal rule and the Christian religious beliefs of the moment. Primarily, in fear of the power of the womanly power, people, the earth, and its creatures, were executed incorrectly.

Feminism in Witchcraft

What kind of witch are you? Witchcraft as well as feminism is linked throughout history. Words witch has been utilized to oppress as well as weaken females, to pit us against each various other as well as to fire up fear and pity. At the exact same time, individuals are often attracted to witchcraft in an effort to redeem that divine feminine power.

The Witch Factor

What kind of witch are you? It is critical that we recover the charm, power, heritage of the word Witch.

Witch #1

Witches love the planet, and also worship nature. A witch’s purpose is the extremely earth we require to conserve.

Witch #2

Witches cherish their wild nature and also align themselves with the cycles of the planet as well as the stages of the Moon. For many people, to declare words Witch is to claim a partnership to Mother Earth.

Witch #3

What kind of witch are you? Witches have always been women who are splendid, courageous, non-conforming, intelligent, explorative, interested, sexually liberated, independent, and also revolutionary.


What kind of witch are you? Think of your interests as well as where your emphasis is currently. Consider where you live as well as what products will certainly be offered to you conveniently. It might be practical to create a graph, like a mind web, revealing the means you spend your time.

Make sure you think about the following things:


Attracting, creating, food preparation, gardening, developing and so on.


Birds, treking, technology, scientific research, fantasy etc.


Political concerns, religious beliefs, human legal rights, pet rights, and so on


Family members, money, friends, profession, life goals and so on


Tranquility, outgoing, cautious, established, etc.


Shore, woodland, desert, apartment, college, country, city etc. When you have actually uncovered what drives you as a person, this ought to provide you a concept of an all-natural way to merge magic right into you daily life.


Assume about popular culture witches you admire and also do not like.

What’s Your Purpose?

What kind of witch are you? In magic it holds true that you get what you request for. It’s crucial to ask for what you actually desire. So prior to you do any kind of magic, expression your purpose in a single, clear sentence. Remove ambiguous phrasing as well as blended meaning. It can be as particular or as general as you desire, just be sure you recognize specifically what you want to achieve.

What You Need to Consider?

Before you do magic ensure you sign in with yourself. Is the objective of your magic ethical to your beliefs? Is the objective of your magic going to require even more energy than you have to provide?

Magic Limitations

The limitations of magic are complex and also unclear, yet there is a limitation. Magic can’t damage (or even bend) the average regulations of nature. You ‘d be tough pushed to utilize magic to float hefty items in midair or make a duck bark like a pet.

Second, the effects of magical working will come about slowly and also normally, not with a puff of smoke or a bang. You’ll need to be client with your job and attempt not to doubt the effect.


What kind of witch are you? The larger the location you want to effect or the bigger or a lot more radical the change you desire to make, the much more energy you will certainly need to place in to the working. While your suggestions and also thoughts are unrestricted, your ability to produce the result is limited by your personal power. Sometimes you’ll need to supplement your energy with exterior resources. When choosing the time you wish to function magic be certain you’ll have time to recharge and also relax prior to trying anything which needs energy.

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