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Who’s who of the demon world? Demons uses spiritual strength, and sometimes possess a person to gain control of their mind, body; and spirit to do undesirable things that will cause harm to the person consumed or to other people close to that person. Pure evil intentions are the nature and true ‘purpose’ of why demons exist, and why they possess human beings. In other religions and scriptures, demons are classified as something that is not of an entity; but an act of evil like lust, false gods, witches etc.

Who’s who of the demon world? The fact is that there’s actually no specific list of demons because as a whole it is regarded as negative energies or negative entities. Sometimes harmful ghosts for some believers are considered as demons; they can only be classified as a group or named as an entity but they don’t share similar traits like species. Who’s who of the demon world? All of them are completely different, and operate in their own evil way. The list below shouldn’t be taken literally; the descriptions of each entity are only meant as a theological metaphor with the intention of vilifying a particular idea, tradition; and prejudice. Keep in mind that the following are arranged in alphabetical order but it doesn’t imply any rank or level.

Demon #1

Who’s who of the demon world? In the Old Testament, King Solomon documented how these demons act, and the kinds of demonic activities that they do. It’s not clear though if whether or not they are humans in a cult or whatnot; it’s not clear either if they are beasts; or has a monster – like appearance. Nevertheless; King Solomon’s testament was one of the oldest known documentation about demons because it provided insight on their nature as well as the types of activities they do, and how they act. Peter Binsfeld classified demons not as entities but as an evil act, that pretty much affects all human beings. You can say that this is an act of the devil or whatnot but it actually makes sense because these demons may disguise or transform. These types of behaviors to take advantage of human weaknesses.

Demon #2

Alphonso de Spina created his own classifications that went beyond any religious beliefs, and it can be regarded as more of a folklore. According to him, types of demons include Goblins, demons of fate, drudes, cambions, incubi and succubi, familiars, and wandering groups. Sebastien Michaelis based his classification on the Pseudo-Dionysian hierarchies. His classification was similar to the classification for angels of the high heavens. For him, demons are just the ‘fallen angels.’ According to him the first hierarchy includes Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. The second is Powers, Dominions, and Virtues while the third hierarchy is principalities, archangels and angels.

Demon #3

In Christian theology; Amy is known to be an extremely high ranking devil for he is considered as the “presiding demon of hell.” It is said that this demon appears in flame and after taking a human form; he then uses his evil powers to entrap familiars; and master or manipulate human sciences as well as the politics of the church. He is inclined to take the throne of hell; and people are warned of this entity because he will use whatever he can to pre – occupy the political structure of the various planes of existence. He is also capable of waging war against humanity and known to command legions.

Demon #4

Who’s who of the demon world? According to the Book of Tobias, Asmodeus is considered as one of the Princes of Hell; and some sources also cite him as part of the King’s of Hell though it’s most probably the same distinction. He is one of the sources of lust in the famous Seven Deadly Sins of humans. It is said that humans who submit to Asmodeus’ sexual manipulation are doomed for eternity in the second level of Hell.

Demon #5

Astaroth is another powerful devil and is known to be one of the Chief Devils in hell. He is included in the original 72 demons named in The Lesser Key of Solomon. Just like Asmodeus; he uses temptation to lure humans to an unending torture; and also takes part in the Seven Deadly Sins.

Demon #6

As one of the ruling Kings of Hell, he is sort of Satan’s right hand. He is also said to be the leader of the 66 legions of lesser demons which makes him as one of the most dangerous devil conceived. His high rank and “responsibility” in the demon world make him less threatening to the daily lives of humans; but his satanic powers and ruthlessness will surely be humanity’s worst nightmare.

Demon #7

Who’s who of the demon world? Every Christian knows him as the fallen archangel. He is the most ambitious demon; and it was because of his ego that made him the subject of God’s wrath. It was said that angel Lucifer was cast out of heaven into the realms of hell with his band of angels. Many believed that Satan is a representation of Beezebub, Leviathan and Lucifer; and that hell only has one King whose name is Satan – and when it comes to demons; all of us can agree that no one is more dangerous and powerful than the “light – bearer” himself.

Want to Know More “Demon Icons”?

Who’s who of the demon world? Demonology is a discipline of theology and parapsychology that’s quite well – known around the world. Summoning dangerous demons, knowing their true nature and origin as well as purpose puzzled and intrigued humanity throughout the years; even the most knowledgeable are divided when it comes to their opinions on the very existence of these dangerous demons . The countless theories, skepticism, opinions; and perhaps misleading information are only proofs that humans are inclined to give in to their fascinating; yet disturbing nature, and for some reason; we get interested when such topic arises. One thing is for sure though; the demonic are left to amuse themselves at the expense of the weak minds.

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