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One thing that you’ll soon learn is that while preparations for spells may be complicated; the usual spells themselves will be quite easy to perform.

For this spell, what you will need to learn about first is the creation of your own Voodoo doll. Now, again through the mishandlings of pop culture; people assume Voodoo dolls to be tools for evil made to harm target(s). However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, many good practitioners use Voodoo dolls as a way of attaching positive herbs; and cleansing agents to those who have requested aid; in order to purge them of negative forces and protect them from evil; when required.

Again, the materials are attached to the dolls with pins. However; said pins don’t hurt or harm the targets of the doll, but are instead used to join the effects of the attached objects; and talismans to the essence of the represented person. A normal ritual, even using pins, on a Voodoo doll made to represent someone else cannot harm them in any way.

Dolls can either be used to denote a specific person; or may be representative of a type of problem you yourself wish to banish. Therefore, if you’re planning on conducting emotionally healing rituals; or even just a protection spell, you can create a Voodoo doll for that specific purpose.

The first thing which you need to do is to gather the ingredients of the doll itself—most of which haveto be made from natural material collected from nature; such as organic fabrics, wood, bark, grass, twigs, etc. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use beads, buttons, glue, etc., in its construction either—especially if you’re making it to resemble someone. Once you’ve gathered the material, wrap it all in organic fabric; dig a hole in your backyard, and bury it for a few days to allow the earth to sap away all negative energies within the materials; whether organic or synthetic. Once you’ve done that; take it out, burn some sage; and make sure to lightly expose it to all the ingredients within the smoke of the sage plant to cleanse it thoroughly. Only handle these steps after you’ve completed your ritual bathing.

Once the cleansing is over, it’s time to make the doll. Within its creation; the phases of the moon sometimes make a difference in the efficacy of the doll’s operations—the waxing moon being great for dolls which will be used to conjure benefits or protection; and the waning moon being better suited for dolls dealing with expulsion of negative energies and forces.

Select some up-tempo instrumental music in the background, preferably with traditional drums, to allow yourself to meditate on the task at hand and enter a focused state. The importance of focus is that; while making the doll, the purpose of its creation should be foremost in your mind; and it should stay that way till you’re done making it. Use your imagination to visualize the outcome you seek with the doll; and you’ll imbue it with your power to make that image come true—thus turning it into an effective Voodoo tool.

After having created it; you need to cleanse it once more by passing it through the smoke of positive or protective herbs. After this is done, your Voodoo doll is complete; but should be cleansed once more before use if you intend to store it away. Moreover, if you’ve made the doll to represent a specific person; anoint it in their name with water in order to grant the doll its “identity”; and don’t store it for too long.

While doing so, invoke the name as identity of the doll with the image of the person at the forefront of your mind; and speak clearly as to the purpose for which the spiritual connection between the doll and the human has been invoked. Moreover; whichever way you intend to use it; clearly and decisively welcome the doll as a treasured object which will bring you luck and success in your endeavors; and will serve to protect/bring luck/bring love/heal its original, or whatever other specific reason may exist behind its conjuration. Do not create dolls which represent others, unless you plan to use it for sure.

Once you have created your Voodoo doll, there are many ways in which you can use it. A doll can work as a focusing tool in meditation and ritual; simply by holding the doll in your hand while you concentrate on your intention or goal. Alternatively, you can put the doll onto your altar and keep your gaze on it while concentrating.

Another way in which to use a Voodoo doll is in candle rituals or spells. To use a Voodoo doll in this way, choose a candle that is appropriate for your purpose and carry out the candle ritual as usual; using the candle technique where you write your intention or goal on a piece of paper. Then hold your doll in your hands and focus with intensity on your goal or purpose. Once you feel that you have concentrated sufficiently; place the doll next to the candle and allow the candle to burn down completely. Once the candle has burned down, remove the petition and attach it to your doll. After nine days have passed, burn the petition and then scatter the ashes to the East.

You can also use a Voodoo doll with the seven pins, which is the method most commonly shown in pop culture. Alternatives for pins include needles, nails, or fish bones. The seven pins are each a different color, and each color represents a different aspect. Yellow is success, white is positivity; red is power, purple is spirituality, green is money, blue is love, and black is for repelling negative energy.

To carry out the seven pins ritual, select the color of pin that best represents your intention or goal. Place a pin in the applicable portion of the doll: head for issues dealing with knowledge, heart for emotional concerns, and stomach for intuitive purposes. For example, if you wanted to improve the power of the person at whom you are aiming the ritual, then you would select a red pin and place it into the head of your doll.

You can also use your Voodoo doll to petition a particular Loa to assist you with your request. To do this, choose a candle in a color that is appropriate to the Loa whom you are petitioning, and make an offering of the Loa’s favorite things in the Loa’s favorite number. Performing the ritual at your altar after properly preparing it – including purification and blessing – will give you the best results.

For example, if you wanted to petition Papa Legba, the first spirit called upon in any ritual and the communicator between our physical realm and that of the spirits, you would choose black or red candle (but not black and red), and greet him with the ritual greeting where you state his name, ask him to open the door, and state that on the way back, you will return the favor. Then communicate what you would like and offer him three of one of his favorite things – candy, rum, or cigars.

You should be aware that when you use a doll to petition a Loa, you are essentially placing an order with that Loa, which then creates a contract between you and the Loa. Your part of that contract is to do whatever is under your control, in your life, to help to achieve the goal; the Loa’s part is to do whatever he, she, or it has control over in order to assist you.

Basic Healing Charm

For this basic spell, the stuffing of the doll needs to be plain white fabric. Along with it you’ll also need an amber colored semi-precious stone, which is often used for healing. As well, collect and keep eucalyptus, rosemary, and basil to burn at the altar. Take a few strands of your own hair, wrap them around the stone, and sew them both into the head of the doll. Also sew some of the healing herbs in the space of your doll correspondent to the area which needs healing, possibly around the heart and lungs if you have a regular infection.

Once the preparation is done, simply light the herbs and leave them and the charm doll at the altar till you feel better. However, once you’re done, and feel healthier, purify the doll with burning sage smoke, thank it for its help, and preferably let it flow away in a body of clean running water if there is one around. If not, bury it in soft earth, but far away from your own property after having removed your hair and the stones from the inside.

Money Spell

For this spell, you will require the following items:

–        Your Voodoo doll

–        A piece of green flannel cloth

–        Three of each of the coin denominations of your country – in the United States, for example, you would need three pennies, three dimes, and three-quarters

–        Three cloves

–        three cinnamon sticks

–        One whole nutmeg

–        three whole allspice

–        A gold bell

–        A straight pin that has a green head

–        Three pieces of candy

Take all of the items other than your doll, bell, and pin; and wrap them in the green flannel cloth; then attach the cloth to your doll. This has the effect of ‘sealing’ the items. Use the straight pin to attach the gold bell to your Voodoo doll. Shake the doll with your non-dominant hand for nine minutes, while reciting an incantation to Papa Legba.

The exact words of the incantation do not matter – you need to ensure that you ask him to open the door and clear a path for you, to bring you money and the opportunity to make money; and to remove obstacles to wealth. You must also state that in return for his assistance, you will pay him with the candy; then thank him for his help.

Banishing Your Enemies

If you have someone who has been threatening or bothering you; you can use your Voodoo doll to carry out a ritual to banish that person. This involves petitioning one of the Loa for assistance – usually Ogun or Chango; or Erzulie Dantor for women who are victims of domestic violence. The items used in the ritual will depend on which Loa you are petitioning because they each have different favorite items which should be offered.

Chango is the deity of thunder, fire, wars, power, and lightning, and he also represents sensual pleasure. He can assist you with defeating your enemies, gaining power over others, and generally being victorious in your pursuits.

To create an altar for Chango; it is best to use your business desk or a fireplace mantel – power or fire are elements that Chango relates to. Use one or more of each of the following:

–        Patron saint – St. Jerome or St. Barbara

–        Items associated with places – sky, trees, Trinidad

–        Colors for cloth and/or beads – white and red

–        Animals and objects – rams, horses, pheasants, turtles, wood, machete, double axe

–        Food – yams, apples, peppers, corn

–        Planet – Sun or Mars

–        Ritual greeting – Kabiosile or Kaguo

Chango’s favorite number and day are 6 and Friday, respectively; so it is best to use 6 of items from each category and to carry out the ritual on a Friday when possible.

Once you have gathered all of the items and prepared the altar, light a white candle; then hold the doll in your hand as a focusing tool, as discussed above. Concentrate on what you wish to achieve, and ask Chango to help you with your goal. Make an offering of his favorite items to Chango, at the altar, for the three days following your initial ritual.

Chakra Spells

This spell can be used to direct positive or negative energy at someone, depending on what you wish to do. We will discuss the positive approach in this article – using the pins in a slightly different manner than discussed above; to positively influence the Chakras of someone.

To carry out this spell, prepare a Voodoo doll as above; making sure to anoint it so that it is connected to the person whom you are hoping to affect. Once you have the doll, get into a comfortable position – usually one where you are sitting at or near your altar.

State your intention, and why you are doing it, out loud using your clearest voice. You can state the intention in your regular, everyday language, or use a spell or rhyme format – the choice is yours; use whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

Once you have stated your intention, take the white pin and place it into the top of the doll’s head. At the same time; explain what the pin is supposed to do – increase spiritual enlightenment and enable the person to expel negative energies. Proceed through the ritual by placing the rest of the pins into the doll in the following order; each time explaining what the pin is intended to do:

–        Purple – forehead, to assist with psychic awareness

–        Blue – throat – make the person’s goals a reality

–        Green – heart – increase a person’s health or emotional power

–        Yellow – solar plexus increase the person’s knowledge and ability to understand

–        Orange – stomach – allows the person to deal with whatever comes their way

–        Red – base of spine – increases the person’s ability to survive the obstacles that they face.

You can use variations on each of the above themes; as long as they generally relate to the overall purpose of each location.

Once you have placed all of the pins, put the doll onto your altar. Starting the next day, remove the red pin; each following day remove one more pin, in the reverse order that they were placed. After you have removed the last pin, the spell is finished.

If there is one specific goal or intention, or only a few; that you wish to focus on, you can carry out the spell by just placing the relevant pins, although always in the same order as stated above – simply skip any colors that you will not be using.

Passion Spells

Not exactly a love spell, the Passion spell is meant to be used to increase the already-existing passion between you and your lover.

To conduct the Passion spell, you will need the following ingredients:

–        Three drops of lavender oil

–        Three drops of hot pepper sauce

–        Orris root pieces

–        Whole peppercorns

–        Rosemary

–        Three cups of rain water

For this spell; the exact amount of the herbs (Orris root, peppercorns, and rosemary) is not important as long as they are in relatively equal proportions to each other.

Pour all of the ingredients into a bowl and stir. While stirring, concentrate on the heat of the hot pepper sauce, and the passion that you are seeking to magnify.

Once the concoction is well-stirred, sprinkle it around your front doorstep or entrance using your fingers. Make sure to cover the entrance well – steps and walkway should also be covered. You should be aware that this spell will probably be less effective if you live in an apartment; because the front entrance to your home is shared with others.

Happiness Spells

This ritual involves petitioning Papa Legba to open the gateway to the spirit world; so that you can ask Oshun for her assistance. Oshun is an African goddess or spirit of love, dance, and art. She has the ability to help provide your emotional strength with a solid foundation; so that it is able to grow and prosper.

Start at your altar; with candles in Oshun’s favorite colors (green, yellow, or pink) and cinnamon (Oshun’s favorite smell) incense burning. First you must ask Papa Legba to help you to open the gateway to the spirit world; in order to do this; make a recitation to Papa Legba to open the door and remind him that his children are waiting. Say the recitation three times in total – Papa Legba’s favorite number is three.

Once you have completed the recitation to Papa Legba; hold your Voodoo doll in your hands to be used as a focusing tool. Focus intensely on your desired goal, and say the appropriate ritual greeting for Oshun: Ori Ye Ye O. Then state out loud your desired goal; this can be accompanied by a written petition as well; but it must be stated out loud in order to be effective.

After the initial ritual, continue to make offerings to Oshun for the next three days. Oshun’s favorite items include honey, cinnamon, pumpkins, oranges, mirrors, gold, and French pastries. Her favorite number is five, so it will help to make offerings in the amount of five of any item being offered. Finally, her favorite day is Thursday, so this ritual will be most effective if it is begun on a Thursday.

When the ritual has been completed and the additional three days have passed; take the doll and place it in your bedroom or your kitchen, as these are Oshun’s favorite rooms of the house.

Stand Tall Spells

This spell will give you a little push during the day when you are feeling insecure or unsure of yourself. All you need are a few ingredients that are easy to find:

–        Three sticks, six to eight inches long

–        Rough string or heavy twine

–        Sturdy nail

–        One dried chili pepper

This spell is most effective if you use branches or twigs; but you can also use Popsicle sticks or dowels if that is what you can find.

Using the twine, tie the three sticks together so that they roughly form the shape of the letter ‘A’. The cross-piece should be attached near the top so that the shape also resembles a person.

Tie the nail to one leg and the chili pepper to the other – it does not matter which. Wrap the doll’s head and limbs with the twine. Then place the doll somewhere in your home that is important to you; and where you will see it on a daily basis. Make sure that the doll is placed so that it is standing upright.

These spells are just some of the spells available to you if you learn how to properly use a Voodoo doll. It is extremely important that you are careful to prepare your doll properly; so that you will achieve the effects that you are seeking. An improperly made doll will not only not allow the spell to work; it could potentially backfire and cause effects that you were not looking for and do not wish to see. But if you do make your doll properly; your spell will be powerful and effective, and you will see the results that you desire.

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