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What is magic philosophy? Ideas, feelings, dream pictures, energies, material objects, or anything else you can experience are all different indications of the exact same “things”. This is the core insight of magic. What is magic philosophy? The range of consciousness ranges from the densest kind of matter via numerous different levels up to one of the most abstract and also subtle types of spirit. What is magic philosophy? When you experience it, what you’re viewing is merely one end of a pattern that expands to the elevations of spirit.

What is magic philosophy? The material things is the most apparent form, however via reflection you can access these various other degrees of being and also placed them to make use of for magical purposes by dealing with their material manifestation.

Energetic Levels

What is magic philosophy? Grab the local item to you at this minute. This object has a physical dimension: you can see it, touch it, tap it on a hard surface area as well as make a sound you can hear, you may be able to smell it, as well as if you wished to you could even taste this object. Your physical senses are developed to connect with things in the physical world.

This material things contains molecules bound together according to a certain geometric framework. This is it’s physical kind. Yet this item – and also any other item you come across – likewise feeds on numerous other levels. It has an etheric presence. It exists on a latticework of refined powers that hold it with each other.

That is the etheric side of the crystal if you’ve ever before experienced the resonances of a crystal. Attempt it now: hold the factor of a crystal concerning a quarter inch from the hand of your hand. You may really feel a faint breeze or a prickling feeling against your skin.

Magic Techniques

What is magic philosophy? These subtle powers are not just vital in magic, they are related to life and breath. They are essential to several Eastern spiritual disciplines, meditation techniques, fighting styles, and healing practices.

You may have heard the words ch’i, ki or prana, which are respectively the Chinese, Japanese, as well as Sanskrit word for subtle energy.

Aura of Mystery

What is magic philosophy? There may be an aura of mystery bordering these techniques, yet the etheric power isn’t difficult to experience. Western culture systemically overlooks and also actively reduces us from recognizing the etheric experience, but you can reconnect.

There are several other degrees besides physical and also etheric. The astral element is another mode of subtle energy. This power can be referred to as “concrete awareness” or “awareness of type.” This degree is highly affected by the astrological forces of our planetary system.

Abstract Consciousness

What is magic philosophy? There is also the psychological aspect of the things, which is beyond space as well as time, in the mental world of “abstract consciousness” or “awareness of essence.”

There is additionally the spiritual facet of the object, the origin significance of thing itself at the highest degree of being. All this may appear a long means from the basic experience of a physical item resting in your hand. The point is that this feeling of range is an impression. All the various levels of being are existing in every object at every minute.

What is magic philosophy? The item you hold is every one of these things, simultaneously: a collection of molecules, a latticework of etheric pressures, a spiral of the area power, a ray of abstract awareness, and also an emanation of its highest possible self.

Meditation and Magic

What is magic philosophy? Meditation is an essential component of witchcraft and exercising magic due to the fact that it is with willful idea and also concentrated wish that you communicate with deep space. Various other methods consist of, ritual, spellwork and your day-to-day thoughts and speech.

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind and induces a mode of consciousness to recognize some benefit. There are several differed activities and practices which drop under the umbrella of reflection. These are reviewed listed below.

Practically every culture worldwide has some kind of reflection related to it. Regardless of the design, they are normally made to advertise getting in touch with spiritual guides, experiencing leisure, constructing internal power, getting psychic visions, getting closer to the divine, seeing previous lives, taking astral journeys, as well as more.

Types of Meditation

What is magic philosophy? The objective of meditation is to concentrate as well as peaceful your mind, at some point getting to a greater level of recognition as well as internal calm. You can meditate anywhere and also any time. Regardless of what’s going on around you, you can access a sense of harmony and peace. When you remain in this state your magic ends up being more effective and efficient.

Guided Meditations

Type psychological pictures of places or scenarios you find relaxing. Try to make use of as several senses as possible, such as smells, noises, sights as well as structures. Make use of an overview, instructor, or videotaping to lead you with this process.

Transcendental Meditation

A basic, all-natural method which allows your body to clear up right into a state of extensive remainder as well as relaxation and also your mind to attain a state of inner tranquility, without needing to utilize focus or initiative. Pick a soothing word or phrase, repeat it over as well as over to yourself quietly to avoid disruptive thoughts from entering.

Mindful Meditation

Permit yourself to be mindful, or have actually a boosted understanding and also approval the here and now minute. Expand your aware awareness. Emphasis on what you experience throughout meditation, such as the flow of your breath. Observe your thoughts as well as emotions, however let them pass without judgment.


  • Focus on the 7 main energy centers of your body that align with your spinal column.
  • Move from one to the following starting at the base of your spinal column to the top of your head.
  • Enable equivalent amount of time for each and every chakra.

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