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What are correspondences in magic? Correspondences such as the 4 aspects of magic, worlds and indications of the zodiac can be used in your method to contribute to your wonderful power. They ought to be treated as supplements to your very own power. What are correspondences in magic? As you exercise more you will certainly be able to really feel the refined differences between various communications. Take note of these feelings, the a lot more you identify them the quicker you will find out. In this article, you’ll learn what are correspondences in magic? 

Finding Your Own Correspondence

What are correspondences in magic? You might find it is best to use a single holy body or zodiac indication, in others you’ll desire to integrate a little of whatever. These decisions will come extra naturally to you as you continue working and also practicing. You’ll soon discover what works for you and also what does not. The following is what these correspondences typically signify. You may discover that they don’t fairly healthy with what you see in your technique. Eventually, you’ll find your very own correspondences. Magic truly isn’t regarding what’s right or wrong, it’s concerning what works.

Magic Elements

What are correspondences in magic? Fire, air, planet as well as water are fundamental energies that run in the real world. They are the foundation of life. Rocks and also dirt, wind, the sunlight, lakes as well as streams. These are examples of the physical form in which we see the elements. Just as, otherwise a lot more vital are the vibrational qualities of these four components.

Views, appears, scents, tastes, appearances can be grouped into one of the elemental classifications. When you start to recognize these connections you can find out to draw upon these components to create the results you want. Part of your growth as a witch involves making use of these elements to your benefit. You might use them singularly or incorporate 2 or more elements to create balance. Each aspect has its own properties, and also it depends on you to decide how to utilize them.


What are correspondences in magic? Use Fire in routines and spells for healing, improvement, adjustment and also filtration, sex and sensuality, ruining or damaging bad habits illness as well as disease. Water is very important in magic with an objective for friendship, marriage, joy, fertility, healing, satisfaction, and psychic capabilities.


Air is important to spells and routines for travel, direction, finding shed things, new starts, prophecy, and liberty. This element help us in visualization, an important method in magic. Make use of the Earth component in spells and rituals for prosperity and wealth, business success, understanding, fertility and also knowledge, and stability.

Zodiac in Witchcraft

What are correspondences in magic? The word zodiac originates from the old Greek phrase kyklos zodiakos, “circle of pets.” Ancient individuals that viewed the sky saw a pattern: the sun took the same path via a twelve teams of celebrities in the sky every year. These groups of stars, called constellations, are called based upon their form and from lore.

Generally, when you deal with the indications of the zodiac, you often require to match it with one more communication. If your purpose is makeover or transform you might desire to function with the fire signs (Aries, Leo, as well as Sagittarius).

Impacts of the Zodiac

What are correspondences in magic? To use the power of the check in combination with the world’s settings, you’ll need to understand the various impacts signs carry the earths as they take a trip with the skies. These influences are as follows:

  • Rulership – the indication intensifies the planets power
  • Exaltation – the world is balanced as well as harmonized and also at its highest possible possibility
  • Triplicity – a lesser form of rulership
  • Hinderance – the sign weakens the earths energy
  • Autumn – the planet is out of balance and at it’s worst possibility

Planets and Zodiac

What are correspondences in magic? This would certainly be a great time to do magic with objectives connected with Sun power because the Sunlight rules Leo. The Moon is in hinderance in Capricorn, so I don’t want to work with moon energy.

Mercury and also Leo have no significant connection, so Mercury power is primarily neutral. Venus is in triplicity in Virgo. The power is not so strong as rulership however it is still a valuable time to make use of Venus power.

Aquarius does not have a favorable or negative influence on Mars: neutral Mars energy. Scorpio doe not have a positive or unfavorable impact on Jupiter: neutral Jupiter power.

Saturn guidelines Capricorn, so functioning with Saturn power would certainly be an excellent idea. This is not a great time to deal with Uranus energy due to the fact that Uranus falls in Taurus.

Neptune policies Pisces, so dealing with Neptune power would be a great concept. Capricorn does not have a negative or favorable influence on Pluto: neutral Pluto power.


What are correspondences in magic? If you would certainly like to make use of the zodiac indicator by themselves you might wish to focus on exactly how they associate with the seasonal adjustments of our earth. This is, besides, why the indicators were developed in the very first place. For instance, Aquarius is an advanced indicator that removes the past as well as makes a fresh start for the future. When we like to make resolutions as well as dream concerning the year to come, the sunlight is in Aquarius at the start of the calendar year.

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