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Candles play a big part in the spiritual practice of Wiccans. When a candle is lit during a ritual, there are many meanings for its symbolism. Candles are great at setting the mood and directing energies, so they are often used in most spells. Along with choosing out which kind of candle and what scent you may wish to use in your spells; color is another important consideration. It is important to choose the right color for the purpose of the spell and your intention. The following shows what every color symbolizes and stands for along with their magical properties.


Black as a color is avoid—it is the absence of light on the spectrum; but the absence does not imply that it is bad. Even though it is black, consider that the color of blackness is avoided—it absorbs all colors; which is why wearing black is so uncomfortable on a hot day. It absorbs instead of reflecting, and as such, it also absorbs negativity. By absorbing the negative energy instead of allowing it to continue to flow; the negative energy around you is pulled from the air. You can use this to protect, repel, reverse, or even banish magic or energy from your surroundings. You can also use this color to remove negativity altogether, to overcome obstacles; or blockages that are preventing you from moving forward, and to cause issues and promote chaos or dysfunction among your enemies.  


Blue is a relaxing color by nature; and it is commonly used to heal and strengthen the mind in spell casting. You can use this to encourage sleep, for example; allowing your intention to sleep to flow into the candle before burning it for a few short minutes and putting it out. When you use a blue candle; you are encouraging one’s inherent understanding and awareness of the spiritual world, and generally speaking; the shade of blue you use matters as well: 

  • Light blue candles tend to bring about peace, tranquility, and clarity.  
  • Medium shades of blue candles tend to bring spiritual strength and fortitude, as well as a deep inner peace. 
  • Dark blue shades tend to show deep thoughts and spirituality—these may cause moodiness if you are not careful in how you use them. 


Brown candles are largely natural—it is the color of the dirt beneath your feet and many different animals. This color is usually applied with other colors as well to tie your spell to the natural world; influencing the world around you rather than you or someone else. Usually, you may use darker russet brown in uncertain situations; such as if you are unsure about your love life, while medium brown can symbolize some sort of pause; or hesitancy to understand what is happening next. 


Green candles tend to represent growth, fortune, and prosperity in general, as well as the element of Earth. These candles are also related to healing, much like how the blue ones are. When you light a green candle, you are likely preparing for a spell that has some sort of tie to money, such as asking for help to get a promotion or to undertake a new financial venture. These candles can also help you achieve success in your business, whatever that business may be. 


Gold candles are primarily associated with God, the Sun, and masculinity. Often seen as the counterpart to silver, gold candles are also related primarily to finances and businesses, much like green. They are fantastic for attracting any sort of knowledge that you require, as well as finding fortune, money; or developing power of influence or healing.  


Orange candles are energetic and attentive—when you use orange; you are attempting to attract something, whether that is energy, influence, intentions, or other objects in the universe. If you are trying to find someone or something that is lost; for example, you may choose to use orange candles. You can also combine the orange of this candle with others to be a fortifier; strengthening the intention of the other color. Overall, orange is positive spiritual and physical energy and is associated with being encouraging and allowing for clear thoughts.  


Pink candles are usually indicative of some sort of connection, be it love or friendship. They are nurturing, and they encourage the art of communication. They are usually used before any sort of ceremony that will link people together or otherwise emphasize the bond between two people. This means that you will often see these during marriage ceremonies; or to influence love and romance, encouraging affection and romantic feelings.  


Silver is first and foremost associated with the Goddess, the Moon and celestial bodies, and femininity. When you are using a silver candle, you are attempting to dispel any sort of negative energy; that is present around you. You are encouraging good to win in its endeavor to overtake evil, and in doing so, you can encourage reflection; and a connection to the Moon. It encourages the use of intuition; and you may use this candle if you are trying to meditate on what to do next or how best to proceed with your situation at hand.  


Red candles are primarily meant to convey passion and health—they are associated with energy and vitality, representing health itself. In burning a red candle, you can power the soul, bolstering it; and allowing yourself to prevent being influenced by negativity or corruption. Along with health and passion, it is also seen frequently with lust and sexual passion, as well. Of all the colors for your candle, this is the closest one to represent the element of fire. When you use a red candle, you are filling yourself with courage—maybe you are getting ready to go into an interview; an important meeting, or even a date.  


Violet candles are reminiscent of power—blue is about awareness, while violet encourages prowess in the magical world. When you use a violet candle, you are encouraging a buildup of your magic, strengthening your spells. If you are attempting to cast a love spell, for example, you may choose to burn a violet candle; while also burning a pink one to magnify the effects of the candle’s affinity for love. 


White is pure and unifying—its purity allows for it to be used in virtually any context; though it is most commonly associated with truth and illumination. It is used primarily for defensive or purifying reasons, though you can choose white when you do not have the right color that is being called for or when you feel like you are unsure which color to use. When you use white, you encourage strength and power, as well as revere innocence and purity. It can help you connect with the spiritual world and to prevent evil from taking you over. 

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