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What are wyrd runes? Wyrd or blank runes have no associations with animals, nature, planets, signs, and zodiac compared to the runes found in Frey’r, Haegl’s, and Tyr’s Aetts. What are wyrd runes? The wyrd rune is something that’s related to karma and one’s fate. It’s concerned with things that cannot be predicted or avoided. What are wyrd runes? The wyrd runes contain no symbol, and have no place in the alphabetical system because it’s only purpose is to be casted out.

What Are Wyrd Runes: Vikings

What are wyrd runes? Wyrd is a word from the Anglo – Saxons; it’s also related to a Viking word called Orlog which means fate, doom, and destiny.

The blank rune is also strongly linked with chief god Odin because the Vikings look up to him as the almighty god, the one with whom the Vikings can entrust their lives but also something that instills fear in them.


Karma came from an Indian word that simply means destiny or something that’s related to fate. For the Hindus, we humans are already given a book where each of our life stories is already outlined but it’s up to us to fill the rest of the story through our choices and free will.


The story’s outline is what is meant by fate or karma, and this ideology is usually linked with our past lives – the way we acted, we behaved, and how we can right our own wrongs so that we can learn and progress. To some people, karma is the law of cause and effect but it sometimes can cause a wrong assumption that it’s a punishment for past misbehaviors or wrong actions. Karma should be looked at as an opportunity to make up for the wrong things we have done in the present lifetime, the next or our past lives.

You have to keep in mind that there are things outside your control and that such things can happen where it will leave us no choice but to put it up to fate. This is what Karma is all about.

The Choice is Yours

It’s a pre – destined path that awaits us all – and this is what the blank runes are telling us. However, there are still things that we can control despite of whatever circumstances we are in. We have the power to control our reactions, and we always have a choice, not choosing to act is a choice. This is what the wyrd runes are trying to teach us – to do what we can and to the best of our ability but to also leave the rest of what we cannot control to fate.

The Law of Grace

According to rune masters, the only way to get out of the karmic chain is by learning how to forgive or what they call the Law of Grace.

Karmic Progression

You see, every action we do creates a sort of karmic progression wherein one can ease matters and learn. Drawing out wyrd runes may suggest that one should, at some degree let the universe or a higher force take care of some things for us, and it encourages us to trust the process, and believe that everything will fall into place at the right time.

“Bad Karma”

It denotes that one should trust the universe especially when it comes to things we do not know, we do not understand, and the things we remain fearful about. Fate will determine your destiny only if you let it, but it’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes you can only get out of a situation if you really tried your best, and leave the rest. Karma in general is an opportunity for a person to make themselves better. “Bad karma” only happens because of lack of love, negative outlook, fear, and also lack of wisdom.

Casting Wyrd Runes

If the blank rune is drawn, it can denote that a major change will happen, or a questionnaire’s life will have some sort of turning point.

It can also signify death – death of a circumstance and not merely a form of loss of a loved one or physical death. As you may know, it’s sometimes necessary that one situation should end in order to give way for new beginnings. We should just have faith that whatever will come will ultimately be better and good for us or at the very least, gives us a chance to learn and become a better person. It may also denote that one should consider letting go of bad personalities or death of self – image.

Powerful Forces

Do remember that powerful forces are in control and we as mere humans are subject to it which is why change and adaptability is necessary if we want to survive and thrive.  The wyrd rune is regarded by the Vikings as something powerful since it is related to the chief god who dictate’s one’s fate. 

Ram Runes

What are wyrd runes? Vikings used rune stones for different reasons, back then when it was use for magical purposes it is called as Ram runes. Lim and Brun runes are also used for various magical purposes.

Mai runes also known as speech runes are used to ‘right wrongs,’ while Sig runes are used to win competitions or win wars, it is usually carved in the warrior’s sword and shield to bring good luck during battles.

Aside from these, runes are coupled with chants and singing especially during conception of a child, during child birth. Runes are also used to protect the newborn child, assign a rightful name, and somewhat guide the baby into the kind of path he/she will take.  

Biarg Runes and Hug Runes

Biarg runes are used to protect the baby and the mother during birth while Swart runes were used by the Vikings when one passes away to help the deceased spirit return to its ancestors.

Hug runes are used to attract attention, a lover, used for mental agility, and enchantment purposes. Runes were also used to help rune masters determine which herbs or potions to take. 

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